My name is Lea. I used to work in the laboratory as a Microbiologist and Molecular Biologist and Biotechnologist. I retired at 29.


I had this involuntary movement of browsing calendars for dates printed in red. When they fall on a weekend, I feel cheated. For purposes of this post, suffice it to say that I love vacations. Who doesn't, anyway?

During those years when I had been living life in the fast lane, never did I forget to savor each sip of my coffee. This began when I entered laboratory research. A cup of coffee while organizing my data, writing a scientific paper, or waiting for the verdict of a DNA amplification trial. I just realized that even if you have tons of things to do (with even more piling up), you can still find time for a cup of your favorite coffee. If you want it, you can find a way to get it. You can find time to fit it in. Then I thought, if I can do it with coffee, why not with a vacation/staycation/me time?

Coffee is similar to a vacation depending on how you enjoy it. It gives you a break. Like a real break. It reenergizes you and makes you slow down, allowing you to see more of what you look at.

People have different reason to travel, explore, and take some time off the busy world. I have my own fair share.

Exploring a place isn't just being in the area physically; taking pictures of famous landmarks. One needs to experience the location and learn more about it. How? Live with the people. That can give you the superior right to tell someone, "I know that place, I've been there!" How much do you know about the place? Sometimes it's better to go deeper than wider. This is not difficult, just a simple walk in a village early morning will reveal a lot. We've done this while in Bergamo when we stayed at a resort and spa hotel in the commune of Rota d'Imagna in Italy. We learned not only about the place, food, and people. We learned about the way of life. And it all came up with just a short morning stroll. Fun and fulfilling.

Go visit your folks. Drive to the nearest beach. Camp out. Go fishing. Join a cruise. Stay at home. Redesign your bedroom. Take a road trip. Try different foods. Read a magazine then take a nap. Do everything in a leisurely pace. Each has his own idea of a perfect vacation, may it be simple fun at home or something extravagantly planned.

Relaxation is a nearly lost art. Some people claim they're on vacation but they bring part of their workload on the spot, get stressed thinking about the pile of paperworks left on their desk when they get back to office, feel guilty about the chores they might be doing back home instead, list goes on.


Even God rested on the 7th day. Don't feel guilty about leaving work for a couple of days. You know you do your job well, you work hard, and now it's time to treat yourself. We can rest after working hard, it's not a sin. Enjoy some me time.


I created Indulge Thyself to primarily write about my random travels, vacation destinations, and good finds. However, due to the greater passion of giving encouragement and touching people's lives, I decided to convert it into a self-improvement blog.

Indulge Thyself aims to DE-STRESS and RELAX you. To INSPIRE and MOTIVATE you. To help you FIND HAPPINESS wherever you are, and eventually FEEL THANKFUL for each day given to you. If this blog has one ultimate purpose, it is to MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD about yourself so you can LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST

I encourage you to take a break for a couple of minutes each day to relax and indulge with me in self-discovery and improvement. Get inspired and motivated. Feel good... Because everyday is Cheatday Thanksday!




You can email me at indulgethyself@gmail.com