How to Unclutter Your Home to Organize Your Life

Sometimes it feels like my to-do lists get longer each day and I am overwhelmed by the amount of stuff in my life – activities are in a fast pace, schedules are full, difficult choices, and so much information to process.

I realized that if I don’t simplify the stuffs that go on in my daily life, I would be too overwhelmed to focus on things that are really meaningful to me, such as relationships. A perfect way to begin simplifying is to unclutter.

When we clean our clutter we free up more time, energy, and space so we can enjoy the things that truly matter to us. When my living space is clean and uncluttered, I feel more energized and comfortable.

Let me share with you these 4 easy steps to unclutter:

1. Start small. Great things start from small beginnings. Start with one drawer, a section of the closet or shelf, and then complete the area before moving on to the next.

2. Take everything out or off of the drawer, closet, or shelf. This ensures you will address each item before you put it back. Next, dust and clean the area before putting anything back.

3. Identify each item if it is important and worth keeping. If not, it’s time to give it away, sell it, throw it away, or recycle it. You will find many items that have a “sentimental value” which might give you a difficult time deciding if you will keep or discard it. Remember to separate the memory from the object. However, if the item holds a strong memory; honor and respect its importance. You will find yourself asking questions like, “Will I still need this stuff someday?” or “Can I put off making a decision about whether or not to keep or let go of this for a later time?” Be brave to make a decision. Indecisiveness on this step is the root of overwhelming clutter.

4. Stay clutter-free as much as you can. Now that you have a start on clearing clutter, you’ll want to stay clutter-free. There will always be some degree of clutter in our lives, but we can prevent being overwhelmed with them. Trust that when you unclutter, you are making space for the things that truly reflect who you are and mirror your ideal lifestyle.

An uncluttered environment can reduce stress and reenergize.

Happy Wellness Wednesday!


  1. I seriously need to declutter... I have done every room except for my daughter then it all came back. I then went in and organized her room... 10 hours and it was awesome. She cluttered it in no time... it's exhausting.... all I want to do is simplify my life.

    My little one is going camping... I'm going to chip away at it... life would be simpler... I wish she understood that too... eventually :-)

    1. Isn't it nice if life would be simpler? Yes, eventually they she will :)

  2. Amiga post maravilhoso amei
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  3. Hi Lea, such a great post and I love being organized. For me I need to have things in good order. It feels so good to declutter and I go over and do this often. This season found me redoing and painting closets. It takes time but so worth it.
    Thank you for stopping by and your kind comment. So nice to see you and your encouraging words are so uplifting.
    Wishing you a wonderful day.

    1. Thank you so much. Yes, decluttering once in a while prevents the pile up.

  4. Fortunately, I love to clean up.
    I'll do that right away, no longer needed, away with it.

  5. Aloha, and love your tips on uncluttering - and they do work, thanks :)