Handmade Lavender Soaps and Scent Sacks

Look what I found at the center island store of a nearby mall:
handmade soaps

A soap bar, scent sacks, and a cream soap. They all have something in common--the lavender smell.

Honestly, I hate scents that are too strong. They give me headaches. In fact, when I dropped by the stall to check out the soaps (I was only attracted by the designs), I realized after several trials that the best scent I had tried so far was the smell of the coffee beans. Those in a small container which help you neutralize the odors as you test the scents. The mildest they have is lavender. I bought the items above.

The 2 scent sacks were supposed to go into our closets but I guess the smell of my fabric conditioner is enough. So they went to the bathrooms.

The blue bar of soap found its place on the sink we seldom use. Aside from the lavender scent, it has moisturizing oils in it. I love its smell the best. Very mild and pleasant.

The small cream soap is used when you want an extra creamy bath when you soak in the tub. It is infused with moisturizers. It also has dried petals in it that can make your soapy water look spa-like.

I haven't used the soaps. I put them on display because their presence in the bath and shower creates a calm atmosphere. Maybe one of these days.

Do you have any good finds lately?


  1. I love scents in general, but lavender is in my top 5. :) The small cream soap looks beautiful. I, too, wouldn't be able to use it and rather have it as decor.
    Year ago, I used to make my own soap and even sold some of it. I believe, that looks is also important in home-made soap.
    Finds? -I bought a a few miniature vase at the flea markets a few days ago. And they look perfect.

    Follow the Royal Peach

  2. Miniature vases are perfect for display!