Cupcakes vs Traditional Cake: Which is right for your Wedding or Party?

Many people planning for weddings and parties are now deciding to use "cupcake cakes" instead of the regular or traditional cake. Both types can be better than the other and it would all depend on the preferences of the one having the party.

A cupcake wedding cake idea by Martha Stewart

Why the hype? Let's see the reasons why cupcake cakes are being chosen over the traditional cakes these days. 
Cupcakes are:
Trending. A lot are using them nowadays so if you want to follow the trend, go for it.
Cheaper. They are relatively cheaper than ordinary cakes.
Easier to distribute. You can bake many of them. Each party guest can have a fully decorated cupcake.

You can bake many, so all guests can have a taste of your cake

Used as edible giveaways. Instead of having another set of giveaways for your party, the cupcakes can be given away to your guests to take home.

A baby shower giveaway from the bunch of cupcakes. 
Design is by Martha Stewart.

Can have a variety of flavors. Unlike a whole piece of the traditional cake which comes in one flavor, having cupcakes as your cake gives you the option to have different flavors aside from just one. You can have chocolate, vanilla, lemon, or cheesecake all in one "cake" stand.

Different flavors in one cake stand

Easily decorated. They can be decorated individually. You can even put them all together side by side to create one piece of cake made of cupcakes. This means a variety of designs, too.

Individual cupcake designs

Cupcake cake

Easier to transport and set up wherever. Cupcakes can easily be transported through boxes, set up in the party venue, and decorate on the spot together with other ornaments.

Which is right for you? The cupcake cakes or the traditional cake? Again, it depends on your own preference, with consideration of the information given above. Just remember that in choosing the cake for your event, it is what you want that would be followed, not what your guests fancy. See what kind of cake fits the theme of your party. Consider your budget, number of guests, and the nature of the event you are planning.
If you would ask me, I still prefer the traditional cake... complemented by some cupcakes for distribution to my guests.

Happy Tasty Tuesday!

(Images from Google and Martha Stewart's Website)


  1. I am thinking of have a cupcake cake next year, I can make it small but special... I think this is a really cute idea :)

    1. Yes, the designs are limitless!

  2. I believe it's a matter of which occasion you want them for.
    Cupcakes mostly for smaller Parties but a traditional Cake for the Wedding. Though, maybe if you have to elope on a budget or just don't want it too be to pompous or such, you could use the cupcake solution. :D

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