Belgian Must-try #4 of 4: Waffles

Belgian waffles are very popular, but what is the difference between a Belgian waffle and an American waffle? Compared to the standard or so-called American waffle, a Belgian waffle is larger. It has larger squares and higher grids with deep pockets. Belgian waffles also have lighter batters. The traditional American waffle uses baking powder, while Belgian waffles use yeast; though some contemporary ones are also made with baking powder.

Los Churros near the Grand Place in Brussels

Los Churros sells delicious Belgian waffles with different toppings

You can have it plain...

Or with dark Belgian chocolate like mine

The Belgian waffle known in USA does not exist in Belgium, as only those within Belgium are identified as Belgian waffle. There are also different varieties such as Brussels waffles, which are lighter and crisper; and the Li├Ęge waffle, which is denser and chewier.


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