Belgian Must-try #3 of 4: Fries

The ever-popular fries are thought to have originated in Belgium. This snack made of deep-fried potatoes are known as “French fries” in other parts of the world including the United States. A story tells that American soldiers who ate fries during WWI mistakenly believed that they were being served the fries in France (seriously?).

Belgian fries

In Belgium, fries are sold in food stalls or restaurants called “friteries”. Belgian fries are traditionally served in cone-shaped paper with the sauce on top, usually mayonnaise and ketchup. Most households in Belgium own a deep fryer, allowing them to make their own fries at home.

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  1. I love eating frietjes whenever I am in the Netherlands or in Belgium. :)
    Not that our German pommes don't taste great, but it's something different there...

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