Belgian Must-try #1 of 4: Beer

I just came from a vacation, during which I stayed away from the Internet by choice. There is Wi-Fi available in many areas but I tried to limit my connection as much as possible; and just focus on exploring new places, trying out different foods, and learning about the culture of whatever country we set foot on. I think I succeeded for the most part.

For now, let me share with you a piece of our trip to Belgium – the food part. This is post #1 of 4 of my short Belgian must-try series: Belgian beer, chocolate, fries, and waffles. These are also available in many parts of the world, but having them within Belgium gives a more genuine experience.

Our first must-try in Belgium is beer.

Most Belgian beers are bought or served in bottles rather than cans. Nearly each type of beer has its own glass, as using the correct glass is believed to improve its flavor.

A good sampling of different Belgian beers

Duvel is served in its tulip glass

Many traditional Belgian dishes also use beer as an ingredient. An example is carbonade, a beef stew cooked in beer. Likewise, because of the wide variety of Belgian beers, it is possible to match them with each meal course such as:

Seafood, fish: Wheat beer
Chicken or white meat, eel: Blonde or Tripel beers
Dark meat: Dubbel or other dark beers
Dessert: Fruit Lambics

Dark or brune Leffe matched with dark meat

Coming Up Next: Belgian must-try #2 of 4: Belgian chocolates


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