33 Tips when Traveling with a Baby by Plane, Car, and Boat

1.   Install an appropriate car seat. If you’re not driving your own car, bring your car seat with you to be installed in the public vehicle.

2.   If flying, prepare baby’s travel documents such as passport and visa. If he has any medication, make sure to bring the doctor’s prescription with you.

3.   Bring enough diapers, wipes, plastic bags (preferably the type that traps the odor) for disposal, bibs/burp cloths, and extra clothes.

4.   Make sure that the frequently used supplies, such as those listed in #2, and feeding paraphernalia are in an easily accessible compartment of the baby bag.

5.   If your baby formula is available in small packets, you may opt to bring the formula in this packaging instead of having it in the usual dispenser containers. It is less bulky and easier to prepare. My baby’s formula is Enfamil and it is available in packets for 4 and 8 oz preparations. It is also available in ready-to-drink bottles.


6.   If you want, you can prepare a changing kit. What I did was I set aside a disposable plastic (the one used for diaper disposal) containing a diaper and a few wipes. I prepared a couple of this set. Whenever I need to change my baby, I just grab one kit. It has everything I need inside; my baby and I are good to go. This makes you and your things more organized and it saves time.

7.   Aside from the changing kit, a feeding kit may come in handy. In a Ziploc bag, you can put a packet of milk for 1 serving and a feeding bottle with water. Another alternative that I used is bringing Playtex bottles with disposable liners.

8.   Dress your baby comfortably. This would depend on the season and where you are going.

9.   Don’t forget to bring a hat if you know you will be exposed to the sun. At the same time, a raincoat or folding umbrella is useful in case it drizzles.

10.  Remember to inform the concerned airport staff that you are carrying liquid, in case you have baby formula. You might be subjected to inspection of liquid milk, but it is quick and easy as you have a separate lane for all that stuff.

11.  When flying, take note that you are priority when boarding if you have a baby. Even if you are traveling economy class, you can board together with the business class and VIP’s.

12.  If riding a plane, bring something for your baby to suck on during landing and take off. This will help him fight off the pressure.

13.  When booking for a flight, take note of the layovers. Long layovers gives you time to help your baby “rest” from the flight. It will also give you time to feed and change your baby with more ease using the airport’s facilities. Also, make a research on how busy the airport is. Amsterdam, for example, is a really busy airport and having a short layover there might put pressure in you especially when you have an infant to attend to. However, don’t book a flight with a stop that is too long to cause you and your baby discomfort.

14.  If flying, you may opt to tell the staff during check-in that you need the baby stroller and car seat in the airport in case of long layovers. They will give it to you when you arrive at the stop, just ask the crew where is the drop off point. When boarding again, you can leave the said travel gears at the boarding gate for the airline staff to take care of. Make sure the appropriate airline tags are attached, and you have your name on both the stroller and car seat. When we went to the Philippines from Germany, we had 2 layovers. One in Amsterdam and another in China. We requested that our stroller and car seat be with us for use during both layovers. It was a good decision especially when you have long stops as it was easier to roam around and more comfortable for my husband and me and our baby.

15.  Bring a baby carrier. If you love baby wearing, this is a good idea even if you have your stroller and car seat with you. If flying and you have to board and leave the travel gear at the gate, you can carry your baby with ease while boarding especially when you have another hand-carried bag. I use Britax baby carrier.

16.  When traveling either by land or by plane, I recommend using a backpack as a baby bag. However, this is just an advice. Do what you think suits you. We just find it easier because it gives us free hands when we carry the bag on our back.

17.  When flying, don’t forget to ask the attendant for a baby seatbelt in case they don’t have it ready for you. This is applicable if you are traveling with the baby on your lap. You fasten your own seatbelt, attach the baby’ seatbelt to yours, and then buckle up your baby.

18.  If your baby is eating solids already, you can request for baby food from the flight attendant.

19.  Most airlines provide a bassinet for your baby to sleep on. Request by contacting the airline ahead of time or upon check in. The bassinet has limited availability.

20.  Bring some baby snack (if your baby is eating solids already) such as wheat puffs and the like.

21.  Bring some baby toys to entertain your baby. A little book worked for us.

22.  If riding a plane, having the window seat will help you entertain your baby. Ours was fascinated by the clouds.

23.  When traveling by land, take stops at gas stations where they have baby-friendly restrooms. You might also want to grab something to eat for you and even your baby.

24.  If you are breastfeeding, remember that some airports have baby care rooms where you can breastfeed in private. Some doesn’t, so it helps if you have a nursing cover.

25.  If you think walking on cobblestones would be a part of your trip, bear in mind that strollers will be jiggly and may be uncomfortable for your baby unless your travel gear has bigger wheels and has shocks. Babywearing is a good alternative.

26.  If traveling overseas, ask your doctors about any needed immunizations. When we traveled from Europe to Asia, our baby’s pediatrician gave him the MMR vaccine ahead of the due vaccination schedule, aside from the flu shot. My baby was 6 months old then.

27.  If your baby sleeps to a certain music, bring the jam with you. Download or save it into your phone. You’ll never know when you might need it.

28.  If you can’t avoid places that are too crowded, protect your baby from potential sources of diseases such as cough and colds. Airborne illnesses are easily transferred and babies are more susceptible to such.

29.  When we visited a tropical country, we used mosquito repellant stickers (MoskiShield) that we attached into a part of my baby’s clothing that he can’t reach.

30.  We had traveled with our baby aboard a boat or ship when we joined a cruise. It was different from flying only that you have relatively bigger room to roam and there are more sights that can keep your baby entertained. We just brought our baby carrier. Think twice before bringing a stroller because cruise ships are not stroller-friendly.

31.  Follow the safety and emergency guidelines imposed by the vehicle concerned. In airplanes, for instance, it is required that you put on your own oxygen mask first before helping you child put on his, in case of emergency.

32.  When I was pregnant and almost 3 weeks before my due date, we moved from Italy to Germany. We drove our own car.  The move could not be postponed because my husband needed to report to his next assignment already. My OB/GYN advised that we prepare our route ahead of time and that we get the address and contact numbers of the hospitals nearest our route. We also have a copy of my medical records with us just in case I needed any immediate medical attention. This can also be applied when traveling with a baby by land, especially when the infant has specific needs.

33.  Be patient. Babies cry. Just do whatever you can to comfort your little one.

I hope these would be a help to your future travels with your baby. If you can think of other tips that I missed, please share them at the comment section. 

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  1. Have a nice time travelling, the baby will, lol.

  2. These are super tips for super mom like us. I've never planed on the airplanes when my 5 years old twins were a little babies, I had a car trips with them though but it wasn't easy to me as I am twins Mom. My tips is just put anything those are handing and easy to grabs. Enjoy your trips and have a safe trip as well:).

    Thanks for the lovely comment:). oxox


    1. You're welcome and thank you, too, Tanya!

  3. Such great tips and ideas!!

  4. While I expect, it might be a bit harder to travel comfortably... I didn't know traveling with a baby would be such a hassle!?
    Interesting... :o

    Follow the Royal Peach

    1. Hi Nokta, yes it is. Especially with all the crying and stuff. I just do everything I can to make him (and myself) comfortable during travel.

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