Vivi Cafe

Location: Piazza Matteotti Giacomo, 15, 25015 Desenzano del Garda Brescia, Italy
Contact number: +39 030 991 4950

You might notice in my blog posts that we were usually at Desenzano del Garda when we were living in Italy. It was a good 30-min drive from our place. We visit it at least once a week because we love to stroll by the lake - Lake Garda.

My first meal at Desenzano was on New Year's Eve 3 years ago. After the countdown, my husband and I headed to Vivi Cafe.

Whenever you eat at Vivi, you get a discount for your next visit. I don't know exactly when this started, but yes, we got a discount once or twice.

Honestly, I think Vivi Cafe is just "average" compared to others located near Lake Garda. A lot more restaurants in Desenzano offer better food and service. Vivi's location, I think, attracts customers because it is at the crowded part of the area, the spot where people usually hang out. It also offers indoor and outdoor dining as well.


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