Ristorante Al Baratello

Location: Via Baratello, 34, Calcinato, Brescia, Italy
Contact number: +39 030 963285

Two weeks before our PCS, my husband and I discovered this fancy Italian restaurant on our way home from a friend's going-away party. We had been passing by the ristorante every time we go to our friend's place, but little did we know there is a hidden gem on the way. Its location is sort of hidden, no nearby houses. We just got curious one day when we saw the sign, so we decided to have dinner there. We loved it so much we were there a couple of times in just the 2 weeks remaining before we moved to Germany.

The food is great. Coupled with the presentation, it's awesome. They have all-you-can-eat buffet as well but we did not try that. Here are the dishes that we had:

Most of the Italian words that I learned are of food, it's a shame I still was not able to understand the menu. It was in Italian, no English translation. It took us a long time to order every time because we had to use Google translate and the internet connection is sometimes not good to us. The servers don't speak English, but we managed to get what we wanted.

Here are our favorite desserts from Al Baratello:

Tiramisu and Passion Fruit

Coffee gelato, Lava cake, and Fresh fruits

It's a great place for both small and big functions. Even the outside of the restaurant is elegant, especially in the evening with the fountains, lights, and all.

If you happen to be in the area, don't forget to dine at Al Baratello. They serve good-tasting and good-looking food.

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  1. Lea, I don't know what to say about the food. I do not recognize some of it.. Looks good I think.?? I wrote you a note on gmail.