Pizzeria Silvano

Location: Via M. Cerutti, 64, Lonato del Garda, Brescia, Italy
Contact number: +39 030 913 0307

My husband and I love Pizzeria Silvano! We were introduced to the place just a couple of weeks before we left Italy so we've been there just a few times. But those few times were filled with excellent food.

The menu is already printed on the table cover, you just wait until somebody gets your order. Take note that the servings are huge.

Would you believe all these food are just for my hubby and me? 
(Yup, that's burger in an Italian restaurant)

Vegetable pizza

Pizzeria Silvano's version of Tiramisu

Tartufo Nero, one of our favorites. We order this in almost every ristorante

I love Black Forest cake, and they have it at Silvano! It's called Foresta Nera in Italian.

My slice of Foresta Nera

Pizzaeria Silvano is a must try ristorante in Lonato del Garda.


  1. Amazing post !Would you like to follow each other?

  2. Wow, this food looks absolutely delicious... I haven't ate anything rich for a long time... it will be a while yet... I will just enjoy it with my eyes.. yummy :)

    1. They are indeed, Launna. Thank you!

  3. Hi Lea,
    The food looks delicious.
    Greetings Irma

  4. Argh, I love the idea of writing your Menu on the table cover! :D
    And those portions are not huge, they are immense... but love goes through the belly, as the saying goes, right?
    (And that Tartufo Nero looks so yummy!!!)

    Follow the Royal Peach

    1. The menu on the table cover is indeed cool! Oh yes, Nokta, straight to the belly.

  5. Hi Lea, I ope you get this Since it is your web page I don't
    t know if you will or not. I recognize GOOD FOOD., and yours looks the best I have seen in ages. I honestly did not know what youhad at that litle food place that you said was close to your home I don't do fancy, well. How is your mom? I miss seeing you on my blog, but it sounds like you are coming back soon.. Good news from family doctor. All of the girls in the office said I had good color. They don't know it but I got a light sun burn on my face talking to my neighbor. So that was my "good color". Joe will gradually let go of being so protective.

    1. I missed blogging and reading your posts, too. It's nice to be back. Mom's doing fine. I'm glad you're recovering well, Lucy.

  6. Umm... Yummi! Seems good!

  7. Your blog is showing up good and it is so good to hear from you.. I was not happy with my husband yesterday but he was a bit under the weather. He won't tell me he is not feeling well but just gets grumpy. So glad you got into blogging again. I want to hear what that boy is doing by now.. Spunky says hello to all of you.

  8. The food looks so good! Especially that pizza & dessert! Italian food is my favorite!
    Thanks for commenting on my blog!

  9. I would have to actually eat the food, or at least taste it. If it doesn't look very appetizing my taste would be a small bite of everything. at first.