Ristorante Orientale Il Dragone Srl - China Grill

China Grill is our favorite Chinese restaurant in Italy. The owners are very friendly as well.  They serve a variety of Asian food including Vietnamese, Thai, and Japanese.

If you want your order "to go", you can call ahead, place your order, and they will get your food ready so you won't have to wait too long when you go pick it up.

Address:   Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, 25086 Rezzato Brescia, Italy
Phone:    +39 030 259 1975

China Grill facade


All their dishes are very good. Personal favorites are Cantonese fried rice, their sushi and rolls, and of course my staple... prawn dumplings.

China Grill is open lunch time until 2:00 pm, and dinner starting 6:00 pm.

Maki from China Grill for dinner at home

Sushi + maki set

One of my husband's favorite rolls

The best prawn dumplings I've ever tasted, seriously.


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