Realistic Drawings Using Prismacolor

My brother works at Hershey's. I drew this for him

Reading and drawing are two childhood hobbies that I still carry with me. Portraits are a huge challenge, though. My first drawings were made using a tracing paper placed on top of a nursery rhyme book. I remember my mom buying me coloring books, tracing books with bonus connect-the-dots puzzles, and the old version of Etch-a-Sketch called the Magic Slate.

A Magic Slate 
(image from Google)

I love drawing with colored pencils because they are handy, but I also paint. With a baby, I can't afford a messy project so I have done only 1 painting since. I almost always use colored pencils.

This one I made for my husband who misses In-N-Out burger so much:

I chose to let this childhood hobby stay. Let some things never change.. or maybe my art did -- I think somehow it got better.


  1. I'm impressed by your drawing and painting skills. Keep it up. You're doing well.

  2. Tu marido o tu bebé van a querer comerse tus lindos/sabrosos dibujos!!! ¡muchos saludos Lea!

  3. You even manage to make the burger look appetising. I wouldn't know where to start. To me anything that looks like a pencil is for writing with.... duh!

  4. At first I though the Hershey was real, lying on that piece of paper, but the angle let me look twice.
    I also had one of those 'ancient' magic slates as a kid. Loved it to bits! I really hope you'll do more of these in the Future. :)

    P.S.: In RL I do not eat burgers, but the drawing is great!

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