Filling the Gap

It's nice to be back. Here's a quick look at my 2013; hopefully it would explain my absence:

1) October last year, I gave birth to a baby boy we called Elijah.

I got married in September 2011, got pregnant in January 2013. Elijah is 5 months and 2 days today. Where did all the time go?

2) I acquired a pregnancy-induced carpal tunnel syndrome so I refrained from too much typing. I've tried 3 types of braces for wrist support.

Later on I wasn't so sure if the condition was induced by pregnancy swelling or by playing too much Candy Crush and video games while I was pregnant. Maybe both.

3) My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer in May 2013.

I am helping her feel better by regularly FaceTiming with her so she could see Elijah, her first grandchild... "An Elijah a day keeps the doctor away".

4) Last year, we moved to Germany after living in Italy for 2 years. It happened in such a short notice. 

I delivered at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center 5 days after we got here. Elijah was 37 weeks and 2 days when he was born.

I would like to thank everyone who faithfully followed my blog despite the lack of updates. Thanks to those who messaged me to let me know that I am remembered. To those who asked me how I was doing. All of you made me come back again the soonest I possibly can. It feels good to know that your blog counts. That what you have to say matters.


  1. Hey, welcome back.... and welcome to Elijah as well. ;)
    Sorry to hear about your Mother, I wish her a quick recovery... xoxoxo
    And welcome to germany, btw!

  2. Hi Lea. I am delighted to read your post and to welcome you back to blogland, What brilliant news about baby Elijah, I hope you tell us all about him. Sorry to hear about your Mom. Cancer has struck in my home... my Joe has bladder cancer and at the moment is undergoing chemo treatment. The chemo is working but other parts of him aren't. Enjoy Germany.

  3. Greetings and best wishes to You and all your Family. Welcome back, Lea :)


  4. Greetings and best wishes to You and all your Family. Welcome back, Lea :)