WWF: I Adopted a Panda

Back in Italy. Had a blast in the Philippines.


I adopted a panda last Christmas.

One cause I support is World Wide Fund for Nature or WWF (known in the US as World Wildlife Fund) – the world’s largest and most influential environmental solutions provider. With our planet in peril, WWF aims to conserve nature’s resources and biodiversity while at the same time educating people on how each one can reduce his or her carbon footprint.  Each person’s contribution counts. Aside from increasing awareness on WWF’s cause, proceeds from the sale of WWF merchandise go to a fund that develops and sustains environmental sustainability programs. 


I was surprised when I went grocery shopping here in Italy, the cashiers were handing out WWF stickers to customers. Nice.


Bought some shirts from WWF Philippines to give as gifts last Christmas.

Bought 2 for myself. I love the quality of the fabric and I must say these are the only statement shirts that I actually wore.

If you're in the Philippines and you want further information about WWF, you can contact:

Kelly Francisco
Merchandising and Events Officer for Marketing Team, WWF-Philippines
0917-4249527; 986-662

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  1. Hi there, I have wondered where you went .. and here you are - I'm a follower here too - but nothing about your next posts are reaching me.
    I hope everything is alright with you both and life is gentle to you.

    I wish you only the best for 2013.

    Love this panda thing!