Hot Meets Cold

My Christmas won’t be white this year but many thanks to Karen of Karen Makes Stuff for this cute little snowman, which I can bring near the equator without the fear of it melting:

Meanwhile, I am enjoying every minute of my stay here in the Philippines, where snowmen are built out of sand and ingenuity:

A snowman (more of a white sandman but it does look like a snowman to me) in Boracay Island, Philippines

The island of Boracay is a famous tourist destination in the Philippines. Great place.


While many parts of the world are cold:

Late night gaming in the Philippines... in my PJs

Yes, that's my December sleeping attire here. No sweater, no socks, no winter clothes at all :)


  1. No winter yet a snowman, very nice.
    Have a nice day, Irma

  2. Dear Lea I send a big hug and my fondest wishes for peace and happiness for these dates to you and your family.

    ★ Let the light shine your way
    ★ the stars guide your search
    ★ sweet rain that caress your heart
    ★ breeze that awakens your smile
    ★ awaken the love light in you
    ★ strengthen that life with the gift of tenderness
    ★ reveal the dreams you hope
    ★ spill that freedom is within you
    ★ fear leaves your mind
    ★ that peace flood your spirit
    ★ compassion that grows inside your soul
    ★ the force be with you face adversity!

  3. I am glad you are enjoying your stay there. I've never been to the Philippines.

  4. Que vos y quienes te rodean tengan ¡MUY FELIZ NAVIDAD!!!

  5. I live in Ski Country, we have no snow but cold nights and the snow guns are busy at work BUT, somehow it just doesn't seem the same.....No one make snow like Mother Nature!
    No matter where you are on earth, live it up!

  6. Looks like you're having fun in the Philippines! Love that sandy snowman. Our weather turned cool for a couple of days but should be back around 80 F today. And sunny. Sun is important. Hate cloudy, grey days.

    Have a wonderful holiday!

  7. I like your little snowman. Pretty neat snow man of sand. I bet it is hot there. Like I said it rained and looks like we could get more and the temperature is around 45 degrees. Supposed to turn colder tonight I think Joe said in the 20's.

  8. La nieve en Navidad no es imprescindible. Lo importante es que tengas buena compañia y estés en paz.
    Un abrazo