Bakkwa, also called BBQ meat, is a Chinese salty-sweet dried meat delicacy similar to jerky. Thin slices of meat are marinated with sugar, honey, and spices. The meat are then air-dried, smoked, and left to cool.
Bakkwa being cooked in a food stall in Singapore.
Bakkwa being sold in a food bazaar in Shanghai

The meat used for making bakkwa is usually pork but contemporary versions may use beef, chicken, or soya (for vegetarian bakkwa). Modern versions also combine the meat with cheese (not for me), pineapple, and other dietary choices. Other innovations include the Halal Bakkwa, which is produced in accordance to Islamic food processing requirements.
Bakkwa can be consumed in many ways. It can be made into a sandwich, used as an ingredient, served as part of a cold dish, served as a finger food, eaten on its own, or enjoyed with beer. 

A pack of bakkwa from Singapore
My bakkwa snack :)


  1. You say it is similar to jerky... which I tried for the first time just the other day. I found it a bit too tough to digest althogh it was a taste I could get to love. Hope things are well with you. Soon be Christmas.

  2. We're jerky lovers around here, this sounds interesting!

  3. My husband loves Jerky but his teeth are a bit reluctant to chew it. You always have interesting things on food. Interesting because we just have traditional food. It was good to see a picture of Mateo.

  4. Cool, thanks for sharing!
    Food in many countries go by different names but in the end it's all pretty much the same. Being a "foodie" I have seen several different varieties of what we call "Jerky" in the USA.
    Some people in Spain call it charqui, others call it "pork chip" and pemmican, in South Africa biltong is a staple and there are many others. Did you know that jerky was also selected as one of the staple space foods by US astronauts in the late 90's. All in all, good stuff and a great protein supplement but don't even look at the sodium level, lol!

  5. mmmmmm ¡que ricas imágenes amiga Lea! Un saludo muy afectuoso!!

  6. Gnam gnam gnam, so tasty!! Lea, I wish you a Christmas filled with much joy... I wish the beginning of 2013 is with great faith and hope.
    Merry Christmas. Happy New Year 2013!


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