Travel Write

Just arrived in the Pacific region from the Middle East. Still adjusting with the time difference.


Speaking of travel, in this case vacation travel, I usually unplug to set a more relaxing mood. Especially when going to a beach resort or some place outside the hurly burly of the city lights. However, unplugging it is not always applicable. I have to check my mails once in a while. I need to talk to some people over the phone. During those times that I can’t help but go online, I also blog as long as it does not affect the “relaxation” part of my vacation.

I have a small notebook (the one made with paper, not the computer) and a pen (not the stylus) to document my trips and write down anything that pops up at any particular moment. 

My notebook and pen

Sometimes, I make a travel post while on the road as long as I’m not driving. 

Writing a blog post on the go

In some cases, I get to blog at places I claim to be my temporary desk.

My blogging desk at an Air Force Inn somewhere out there

Or when I get lucky, I have the chance to blog with a view like this right in front of me:

View of the Alps from our resort room in Garmisch, Germany


We can write anywhere, wherever, and whenever we want to. We can make a draft or write it on the spot as we pour out our thoughts. And we can write during travel and leisure trips, plugged or unplugged.


  1. Hi Lea, really envy you... travelling the world with your hubby. So when will you reach Singapore? :)

  2. Yes, it is true, you can write blog posts from anywhere :)
    I like the last photo, what a view from your resort!

  3. Não consegui traduzir este apntamento.
    Agradeço a visita em Lidacoelho
    Desejo bom final de semana

  4. That's right Lea,
    my husband used to think I was a little (strange) when I would get up in the middle of the night to grab a pen and a piece of paper because a poem had started to come into my mind as I thought about something. Now he accepts, and expects, anything regarding my writing. We spent our twenty fifth wedding anniversary in Germany and loved it.

  5. It's a while since a took a vacation (by choice) but I know it's good to switch off at such times and just enjoy the freedom of pressure along with the view. Then again, it's sometimes good to share!

  6. Yes, that's true we can write anywhere....gadgets make it possible....haha


  7. Great reminder to write thoughts down. Thank you. Please have you all a good Sunday.

  8. Middle East, eh? Have you been to Turkey, too?
    You really should try it! ;)

    *gasp* You use ink & paper???
    Writing is something I love to do, whether digitally or analog. ;) It can be quite relaxing, imho.

  9. So true, I get inspired to write at unusual times and I've learned to just go with it. I keep a journal that I love to write in and reflect on. Sometimes I just doodle other times I'm serious a hell but it's always fun to write either on my laptop or penning it in. Good to know I'm not alone.
    Travel safe my friend and live it up!

  10. Indeed, one can write anywhere, even can be useful for more inspiration. Happy holidays, have fun much!

    Big hug.

  11. Sorry to be so slow in responding. I hope you had a nice vacation. I have been not doing very well with visiting blogs but am going to make the rounds today. I missed your comments. What do you do with Mateo when you travel? It is nice to go and nice to get home. Of course being a service man's wife maybe you travel a quite a bit. Good to see you back.

  12. Great! :)
    Would you like to follow each other?!


  13. i wish i could blog with view od the Alps :)

  14. superb and cool>>> a good attempt... Writers can make the distance shorter the world smaller...GOD LOVE U

  15. Lovely view of the Alps. I liked your demonstrations also.

  16. I always make notes when I'm travelling so I don't miss anything out when I blog about where I've visited. :)

  17. Okay Lea?
    Anywhere and anytime there's a blog post from Lea.
    Every post has excellent quality
    hugs and kisses!

  18. Hi Lea,

    Love your blog site! Keep writing....keep blogging. You are in the right place and time in your life to write to your heart's desire. Hope you can visit us here in California soon. Love and regards to Marco. God bless.

    Auntie Monette and all of us here in SoCal

  19. Buenos días Lea!!!! Eres bellísima por dentro y por fuera. Yo también llevo siempre un cuaderno para esas frases o esas ideas para compartir con vosotros. Qué suerte tienes al poder disfrutar de esos bellísimos lugares aunque también tengas que trabajar.
    Muchos besos

  20. hello dear,

    i love this blog of yours...keep it up...:))

  21. It's true, Lea! We can write anywhere, anytime. Your photos are lovely, especially the Alps!

  22. That is quite a trip. Probably left you with a wee bit of jetlag, too. I see you've got an iPad. You are very special if you can type very fast on that thing. I've even got a little external keyboard and that doesn't work well, either!

    Have fun wherever you are and whatever you're doing!