The Farm at San Benito - A Review

I am in the Philippines and I won’t be back in Europe until January 5, 2013. 

I will be blogging from time to time about the place and my adventures during my stay. Allow me to show you the beauty of the Philippines, a pearl in the Orient.
Sulu Terrace 
Veranda/ Lanai Sitting Area
Outdoor Bathtub
Private Garden
Private Pool
Bedroom (don't mind the couple, let's pretend we can't see them)
Lanai Sitting Area
Living Room
Let's also highlight the food! It is the first time my husband finished a dessert ever. We had a complete course of organic, vegan meal. All pleasing to the taste buds as they are to the eyes. We had a feast.Here are options on where you can dine at The Farm:
Alive Restaurant
Alive Restaurant at night 
Under the Mango tree
Picnic Lunch Area
Secret Garden
Private Dining
Oriental Lounge
The photos below show some of the foods served in The Farm:
Carrot Falafel Balls
Chocolate Pecan Pie
Crispy Potato Napoleon
Garden Lasagna
Healthful Cereals
Mushroom Burger (we love this)
Mushroom Ceviche
Orange Balsamic Dressing
Pad Thai (so good)
Purple Vegetable Salad
These are the soups (L to R: Corn Ginger, Bulanglang, Lemongrass Mushroom)
Stuffed Sweet Pepper Roll
Tropical Fruit Salad
Thai Tomato Vinaigrette
These are the ingredients for the dish right below this photo (Young Coconut Noodles)
Young Coconut Noodles with Green Curry Sauce
Halo-halo Deluxe
Wheat Grass
Green Lemonade
Electrolyte Lemonade
Tropical Enzymes
The Farm also sells natural wellness products:
Massage Oils
Premium Virgin Coconut Oil

Lip balm, body polish, soap, facial elixir, and more


I traveled alone and my husband won’t be joining me until the day before Christmas. The last time we were here together, we had a chance to visit The Farm at San Benito. I would like to share with you our wonderful, relaxing experience in this secluded area in Lipa City.

The Farm is a center for holistic healing and wellness where people balance their mind, body, and spirit in an eco-friendly place. I was able to communicate with Ms. Jilly Mallari, Sales Coordinator of The Farm at San Benito, who provided me with photos and details about the beautiful sanctuary. We also took personal photos during our trip. But since we were more focused on relaxation, we did not take too much pictures. However, the wonderful sceneries will actually oblige you to take out your camera and fall in love with The Farm behind the lens. I will likewise share with you the few shots that I have.

Located in an exceptional healing environment, The Farm at San Benito rests on 119 acres of land in the foothills of Mount Malarayat, 1,025 feet above sea level. Guests enjoy the comforts of a world-class resort while discovering paths to a healthier and happier lifestyle. Consistently recognized as one of the few truly integrated medical and wellness resorts in the world by leading publications and sophisticated travelers, this multi award-winning resort offers a complete immersion into healthy and mindful living.

Dedicated to the promotion of overall health and wellbeing, The Farm specializes in "HEALING RETREATS" namely Organic Weight Loss, Beauty and Longevity, Diabetes Prevention and Management, Heart Health and Stress Reduction, Environmental Detox, Integrative Cancer Care, Holistic Skin Therapy, and All-Inclusive Luxury Premiere Retreat. These powerful, weeklong transformative and life enhancing programs are supervised by a highly qualified team of experts in preventive health care – including integrative doctors and licensed therapists, living food chefs, and fitness consultants. It’s the ultimate vacation where guests benefit from a comprehensive series of holistic health services designed to be specific to the individual to achieve optimum health, spiritual wellbeing, and mental clarity.

Two world-class golf facilities are located within minutes from The Farm. The 27-hole championship golf course at Mount Malarayat Golf & Country Club and Summit Point Golf & Country Club. Both facilities offer stunning scenery and year-round golfing. Make golf part of your leisure activities in conjunction with your program while at The Farm.

It's located in Lipa City, Batangas, Philippines. A 90-minute drive south of Manila. The Farm at San Benito is nestled amidst lush green jungle and boasts stunning views of the majestic mountains, pure and fresh air with clear and strong energy radiating around the property. Guests will surely come back home feeling fresh, rejuvenated, and recharged with energy. With only several villas, personalized service, and the Filipinos’ caring hearts and nurturing touch, The Farm offers guests an unparalleled holistic holiday experience.

The Farm has 5 Sulu Terraces, 2 Anahaw Family Villas, 10 Palmera Suites, 6 Garden Villas, 1 Master Villa, and the newly constructed Narra Pool Villa. Below are some photos to give you an idea of how cool their accommodations are:

Sulu Terrace

Anahaw Family Villa

Palmera Suite

Garden Villa

Master Villa

Narra Pool Villa

The place is really stunning. The pavilions, the roaming peacocks with their beautiful tails opened, the waterfalls. Every scene is so zen and relaxing. It's a very quiet place and all you can hear are the chirping birds, swaying leaves, and flowing waters. Cellphones are even requested to be placed on a silent mode upon entering the sanctuary.

During your walks, you might cross paths with some of the staff carrying food or other supplies requested by guests. These people are very hospitable and will greet you with smiling faces. An example is the guy in the following photos:

And how can I forget our massage experience... it's really, really good! A complete list of the services The Farm offers can be found on its website. You may also contact the staff to inquire for more details.

If you want to be rejuvenated big time, you'll get what you want at The Farm at San Benito. I will be posting a few of our personal shots at the sanctuary in another blog post, together with sample organic/vegan recipes by The Farm.


  1. Wow Wow Wow...

    I have already fallen in love with this place... What is the daily rate?

    I'm sure you and hubby had a very romantic stay here ... (just like the couple in the pic) LOL...

  2. That looks like a truly amazing place, and I need to go there some day. Thanks for the beautiful pictures.

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  5. Isto não é uma fazenda...Isto é um pedaço do paraíso.

    Fotos maravilhosas.

  6. Hi Lea,
    Isn't creation beautiful. I have always believed that all the natural beauty that God has provided on our planet has an ability to bring a feeling of wonderful peace within our souls. If you were to take out all the greenery and the water from any pictures there would be nothing to compare with it remaining in the picture. There is something about the colour green in itself that is for me refreshing and healthy. I always love being in the countryside or near water. Enjoy your trip.

  7. I have an uncanny desire to go there, Lea. There is a sense of calm about the whole place, I just know I would love it. I'm not surprised your husband finished all his food.... it looks wonderfully appetising.

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    I hope you have a lovely time there.

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  13. I've heard of "the Farm" before and wanted to see the place on previous (2) occasions but nothing has convinced me more than this blog. Thank you Lea for showcasing the place beautifully...
    Now I definitely want to see it...let's go December 2013!

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  15. It looks great. Beautiful, relaxing settings. I should be there for my 83 birthday today. Enjoy!!!

  16. I was going to ask what you do there other than rest, relax, eat, and take photos? And you take beautiful photos! What a surfeit of food. I'd probably gain a few pounds if I stayed there for very long; like 10 minutes! :-)

  17. Organic Weight Loss & Environmental Detox,... sounds like something I would be interested in. :)
    Looks like they also guide you through Mediatation & yoga sessions!?
    That Bathroom in the Palmera Suite! How gorgeous is that? :D
    This was a beautiful entry with lots of lovely pictures.

    Maybe I am mistaken, but are you 2 vegetarians or just open to the veg(eteri)an option?

    P.S.: There goes my diet... that Chocolate Pecan Pie looks so delicious!

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