Long-distance Celebrations

I feel so fortunate that I was able to celebrate my birthday (October 13) with Marco, my husband. We, however, never had the chance to celebrate his birthday (November 14) together. This is how we celebrated his 31st… and 30th and the others before that:

Our long-distance celebration

We celebrated Thanksgiving this way, too.

No matter how far apart from each other during special occasions and holidays, we are still thankful that we get to talk and see each other online. Thank God for the Internet.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


  1. A belated Happy Birthday to both of you! Yes, the Internet, even amidst all of it's goofiness and dangers, offers some wonderful adventures. We use Skype to communicate with our children/grandchildren and great grandchildren.

  2. Still a bit close together, I think on skype.
    Congratulations to you both birthday.
    Long live the Internet!

  3. What a shame you couldn't actually be together to celebrate your birthdays, but the wonders of the internet meant at least you could see each other!

    Belated happy birthday to both of you. x

  4. Thanksgiving for the Internet, so i can meet nice people like you!
    Belated Happy Birthday, have wonderful days!

  5. Yes, belated greetings to you both. I like the picture of you and Marco. You are so alike, both extremely good looking. I will join you in thanking God for the internet, for various reasons.

  6. very beautifoul Lea!!! ¡happy birthay Marco!!!! MUCHAS GRACIAS!!!!

  7. Hello Lea! Congratulations on your birthday. The distance does not mean that love is growing.

  8. Indeed, that's what I always say myself... thank goodness there's Internet!
    Without Skype, YIM & such, people would have a hard time.

    I am glad you & your husband were able to at least 'see' each other in that way! *hugs*

  9. hello Lea, a happy thanksgiving!
    I also thank God for those moments and I´m happy, do you know,...
    I am also happy that I have someone to laugh^^

    kisses and more^^

  10. How nice that at least you could see each other on Thanksgiving! Yes, thank goodness for the internet. Have a wonderful weekend!

  11. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Tell Marco my birthday is the 16th. I did give Christopher a big kiss on Thanksgiving. We had a good day, ate to much, and they sent plenty home for the next day. Chris is so smart but he is definatly behind considering he will be 2 in less than a month. He was eating when I got there and I got a picture of him really eating. He would rather not bother with eating. He is walking more, and says a few words. He takes any one he caN find by the hand and takes them to the door and points to the handle. He wants to go outside.

  12. Oi amiga virtual e blogueira.
    A distancia é cruel, mas nos mostram o quanto amamos as pessoas e quanto ela são importantes para nós. As novas tecnologias encurtam essas distancias.
    Um grande abraço.

  13. Near and far, take turns in my life, too!
    Internet is really a great help! And then,dear Lea,
    meeting is a time of love, awaited and wonderful!