Hotel Resort and Spa Miramonti

Middle of this year, we stayed for a few days at Hotel Resort and Spa Miramonti in Bergamo, Italy. A simple but very energizing summer getaway.


Operating for over 40 years, Hotel Resort and Spa Miramonti means tourism, nature, and relaxation. It is set in the splendid scenery of the Imagna Valley (yes, up there), one of the most attractive tourist locations in Bergamo. The hotel is completely renovated and is distinctive for it modern facilities. And it's not just the place. The hotel is personally managed by the owners who display a wonderful tradition of hospitality. For those expecting the pleasure of a regenerating stay, Hotel Resort and Spa Miramonti guarantees the best service to give you your ideal vacation.

Hotel Resort and Spa Miramonti
Early morning mountain view from our balcony
A quiet, peaceful, and relaxing scenery viewed from our balcony one late afternoon

Hotel Resort and Spa Miramonti is famous for its spa, the Bio Spa Carera. A bag containing a bathrobe, towels, and footwear for use in Carera is ready in your room once you check in. This wellness center offers facial and body treatments, as well as organic products recommended by highly qualified experts. Bio Spa Carera is open daily at 10am to 8pm.

Bio Spa Carera has an indoor and outdoor pool separated by an automatic glass sliding door. The water temperature is around 32°C and hydrotherapy is available in various spots of the pool; including the jacuzzi, 2 "chambers", and platform of the indoor pool and stairs of the outdoor one. The indoor pool also has a waterfall which is sensor-activated like the hydrotherapy nozzles.

Bio Spa Carera's swimming pool. Rightmost part of bottom picture
 shows the outdoor pool, an extension of the indoor pool shown on
top photo.

Other facilities of the the Bio Spa Carera are the Bio-sauna, aromatherapy steam bath, Kneipp Path, sensory showers and ice fountains, relaxation area with water beds, and rooms for the treatments and massages.

Hotel Resort and Spa Miramonti is also well-known for its restaurant. I must admit that the best dishes I've ever had in my entire length of stay in Italy, so far, were from its restaurant. Seriously. I've tried a lot of Italian restaurants since I moved to the country. Hotel Miramonti's cooking just stands above the rest. They serve unique dishes that are truly flavorful and delicious. I'm not a big fan of taking photos of what I eat, but these deserve to be on the limelight:

We usually eat our breakfast outside and...
...our lunch and dinner at the main dining area

They also have a fine collection of wines. They will recommend the best pair for your meal. On our second night there, there was a jazz band. Good music, good food, and good company.

The owners also run a pizza place, Pina's Pizzeria. For almost 50 years, the family-run pizzeria serves a wide variety of delicious Italian pizza and exquisite home-made cakes. They use high-quality ingredients that make their products well-known in Bergamo. Pina's Pizzeria is open daily at 6:30pm to 10pm.

Located 100m from the hotel, up the street to the left 

Pina's Pizzeria
The owners gave us these sweet smiles before preparing our orders
Our pizzas

We will definitely go back to Hotel Resort and Spa Miramonti again, and perhaps make it our default getaway.

(Special thanks to Mr. Giampiero Gritti of Hotel Resort and Spa Miramonti for the Bio-Spa Carera photos.)


  1. Oh my! The place is wonderful,and the interior really gives you a homey feeling....wonderful food in an amazing place...extraordinary!..:)


  2. What a beautiful place. I could only dream to visit a place like this. Have a wonderful week.

  3. Dear Lea, I see the Bergamo Alps(Orobie) from my balcony on days without haze...
    You have grasped the meaning of the sweet life in Northern Italy in your post!
    The hotel owners will be happy to see so well told their Miramonti hotel! Brava

  4. I want to go there.... it's definitely a place to visit. Loved every one of the photographs ... I can just imagine swimming in that pool, eating in that lovely restaurant, and enjoying the weather.

  5. thanks for the comment!
    I saw you've been in my country! hope you enjoyed...


  6. You are so lucky to have the privilege of experiencing it all. The pictures are just great. Relaxing, soothing, making me hungry with food pictures. Please Lea, Have a wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

  7. Wish I could go there. This will be short and just wanted to wish you and Mateo and Hubby a very Happy Thanksgiving. I gave Spunky the special kiss from Mateo. I definatly will give Christopher a kiss, make that several.

  8. Beautiful place to stay, beautiful view, even the food looks heelijk out.
    I just got home from vacation but when I see this, I would have gone to.
    Unfortunately it can not.

    Google+1 aan geklikt voor jou.
    Groetjes Irma

  9. This looks like a wonderful place--thanks for the review! Maybe some day my husband and I will visit there.

  10. I want these pizzas! they look so good

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