Book Review: The Puppy Baby Book

I received a free copy of The Puppy Baby Book from the author herself, Dawn Greenfield Ireland.

Dawn Greenfield Ireland is an award-winning screenwriter and technical writer. Her inspiration for the book was Shasta, her dog who died 6 years ago. The Puppy Baby Book is the first of its kind and was a 2001 Independent Publisher Award Finalist.


Mateo and his copy of The Puppy Baby Book

The Puppy Baby Book is hard-bound and is composed of 72 glossy pages. The book will surely bring delight to dog lovers, especially puppy owners, as each leaf marks the different milestones in your most loved puppy's life. Just like a real baby book. How cute is that.

Mateo wants to put his photos on display already

Here is a brief overview of what you can find inside:

Where the puppy was born
The birth parents, names, and breeds
Where the puppy was adopted from
The puppy's playmates
Favorite things to do
Medical records
Happy birthday to me :)
Me and Mommy
Me and Daddy
Memories on different occasions
And much more!

My dog, Mateo, is 9 months old now. I have documented his early months and firsts with photos I am proud to share with you. The Puppy Baby Book in action:

Mateo at 3 months (left) and 7 months (right), very curious on how computers work 

More puppy photos

I don't have the slightest idea on how he was able to reach that SD card

I kept a photo of his second fallen baby tooth :)

His first rabies tag

Mateo's medical records

Another good thing about The Puppy Baby Book is that as you browse and read the pages, you will be reminded of the special events in your puppy's life. The labels and notes that digital albums lack are intact and forever saved in the book. Your mere puppy photos may be enough to tell the story behind the snapshots. But posting them on The Puppy Baby Book tells both that story and how much love and pride you have for your puppy.

The vaccine tags, pictures, certificates, and paw prints are concrete and touchable -- the feel can even bring you back to that particular moment you and your puppy shared.

Isn't it amazing to recall how your 115-lb Bull Mastiff looked like when he was still 3 months old? Or what you and your 3-year old Labrador did on Christmas when he was just half a year young. And perhaps what costume your puppy wore on his first Halloween.

This book will encourage you to focus on your puppy's life more. It will make you look forward to spending quality time with your pup on special occasions and major life events; and excite you to document everything on The Puppy Baby Book for everyone to see.

Hide and seek fun on April Fool's Day

The Puppy Baby Book is absolutely a perfect keepsake for a puppy owner and his puppy. You can have a copy of The Puppy Baby Book for $21.95. If a small blemish or crease on the cover (freight damaged) doesn't bother you; you can get it for $5.00! For more information on how to get hold of your own The Puppy Baby Book, please visit its official website hereMake sure you open the site when your dog is around. Let the sound of the barking dogs capture the curiosity of your pooch. Instant entertainment for the both of you.

Our dogs live only for a certain number of years. Celebrate your dog's life. Celebrate your bestfriend's puppyhood with The Puppy Baby Book.

Because puppies are babies, too :)

Mateo and me, both with messy hair, after a lazy weekend afternoon nap on the couch


  1. This is a very useful book. And Mateo still so cute :)

  2. I love this idea, very cute to look at even after many years.
    I still have my dogs first baby tooth... and he's 13 this November! ^_^

  3. Oh, forgot to mention in the comment...
    Mateo looks in those puppy pics as if he was laughing about something.

    And that SD Card, wath's the deal with them? Lucky almost ate my Card last months, too. :/

  4. That is so cool. We have had so many dogs and each of our dogs were special. We had Mitzi, a schnauzer, Little Friskie and she was the most fun dog we ever had, Shultze, a schnauzer. King a German Shepard we bought for 10 dollars when he was one month old. He was a joy . He had siezurs and we gave him med's for that. We finally got him neutered and the siezurs stopped. Then we had Max our German Shepard. Their are so many special memories of each of them. Max and Mitzi were 15 and 16 years old when Joe had to go in for heart surgery. Mitzi was having heart attacks but always made it through. She could not see nor hear very well, I had to put her down while I was spending so much time at the hospital. About a week after Joe came home, Max could no longer stand up with out our help. The vet came out and put him to sleep. Now there is Spunky and we just try to make every day we have him as good as can be for him. I cried for days over every one of them. I am on a lot of medication, Lea. Not because I want to e but I find it necessary.I have had one more serious stroke and then a couple of weeks ago another very lite one. I have a-fib and when it goes out of whack and my heart starts skipping I don't do well. I get weak and just can barely do anything. They shocked my heart every 2 weeks and it would be ok unil I got home. On the fifth shock, it held. I am on meds for that and they are so expensive, the multaq is 264.00 for a MONTHS SUPPLY. THE PRADAXA Tough when on Social Security. the IS AROUND 239.00 A MONTH. Thank goodness for Samples. when my Insurance hits the level to where I am in the donut hole, then they pay nothing. I paid 33.00 apiece on insurance but I WENT IN THE DONUT HOLE, early. I must close this book.

  5. my boys would love the book!! they talk and think more about our puppy than anything else!

  6. Hi Lea! I've never heard of this book, but I think if we ever get another puppy, it would be a great thing to have. You Mateo is such a sweetie! And you are quite beautiful yourself! This is a very nice post!

  7. Mateo is so lovely, Lea, and loveable. To my knowledge there was nothing like this available when I had my dogs and I hadn't the intelligence to keep notes. However, I woke up somewhat with the last one and did some video recordings. I still look at them now ... and remember. Always, I remember.

  8. Your dog is absolutely adorable. I'm feeling bad today for my best friend Carole - last night she had to put her dog down due to an inoperable and painful tumor. Sad times for her and her husband. A dog is truly an important and cherished part of the family.

  9. What a good idea for dog lovers. I've sent the link to my son's partner - she absolutely adores dogs and has just acquired a new puppy.

  10. Qué buena idea!!!!! Pero lo que más me gusta es Mateo, es guapo y simpático. A Yaika le encantaría jugar con él. Disfruta muchísimo con él y de él.
    Un beso Lea

  11. Hi Lea okay?
    I do not like dogs!
    For those who like to be sure, a great book!
    hugs and kisses

  12. Dear Lea,
    Excuse my poor english. But I like to talk to you. And your Mateo is so beautiful!
    I have three dogs: saw the star and German Shepherd. Eless are huge and do not like being at home. But they are very gentle. I have suffered much because of their fathers who have died! I do not know the book of which you speak. Should be very interesting.
    AH1 on courgette cake is a little dry. Accompanied with jam.
    is very easy.
    A big kiss. You are very beautiful!

  13. Great idea, Mateo deserves all the best! :)

  14. I love dogs and I love the concept of this book. I want to buy it now. Thanks for introducing it to me and thank you for visiting my blog.

  15. So cool seeing you and Mateo in the book!!!

  16. So cool seeing you and Mateo in the book!!!

  17. Tenho um cão parecido com este. Chama-se Vadio. É muito nosso amigo e gosta de ir comigo à escola buscar os meninos.

  18. Lea, I love the photos and little comments. That is one loved dog! One thing about our dogs is they love unconditionally. They don't judge us. Even the dogs who's owner mistreats them still try to show they care and want love, not being hit, kicked or beaten.

  19. cute dog :)
    this book is awesome!

  20. Your puppy is so adorable!! :) Would you like following one another?

  21. You puppy is so adorable!! :) Would you like following one another?

  22. How cute is that?! I've never seen a book like that before. Love the shot of Mateo and his mommy -- very sweet! :)

  23. How lovely to be reminded that there are many people who love animals and treat them as they were meant to be treated. Well done Lea.

  24. Hey beautiful lady :)
    Join Estée Lauder Giveaway on my blog :)

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  26. What a great idea for a book! So cute, and Mateo is ADORABLE. I enjoy your blog so much!

  27. very inspiring. how i wish i could own one puppy. NICe! Good job nini:))

  28. how inspiring! i wish i could own one puppy...nice job nini...:))