Wies Church (Wiekirche)

Wies Church (a.k.a Pilgrimage Church of Wies or Wieskirche) is a building of spiritual and artistic richness located in Steingaden, Germany. It is situated in a secluded area – the foothills of the Alps. The horses and cows that inhabit the pasture outside the church prove how isolated the location is.

Wies Church. The people walking towards it belong to the same group we joined in a tour organized
by Edelweiss Lodge and Resort in Garmisch, Germany.

Miracles, from many points of view, took place here. It was said that in 1738, tears were seen on the deacaying wooden statue of the “Scourged Savior”. This assumed miracle invited a pilgrimage rush to see the sculpture, which was later on placed in a small chapel. The Steingaden Abbey then decided to commission a separate shrine because the chapel was too small for the large number of pilgrims drawn. Many pilgrims claimed that they were miraculously healed after praying in front of the statue on the altar. This made the church even more popular.

Wies Church was constructed between 1745 and 1754. This famous gem of Baroque architecture designed by Dominikus Zimmermann was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1983 and was restored between 1985 and 1991.

Friendly ponies
Weiss Church altar
Wies organ and its loft at the rear interior

Beside the parking lot, there is a cafe and an inn: Café Anderl and Gatshof (inn) Moser.
We had cappuccino, hot chocolate, and donuts without holes at the café opposite the church:

Nothing I haven't tasted before, but I must say the donuts are really good.
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  1. Nice photo report, that church is really beautiful inside.
    I love donuts (with or without holes) :)

  2. What a beautiful church, loved all the photo's.
    Thanks for getting in touch.

  3. I love that altar, Lea. Hubs and I always liked to visit local churches in the different countries we've visited. Some are very ornate, others dead plain. I like the ornate ones best, I think.

  4. Beautiful pictures number 3 and 4 I love that.
    The donuts look delicious.

  5. Lea, such spectacular photos. Thanks for sharing these. I feel as if I'm there.

  6. Am I mistaken, or have you only been to the South of Germany?
    I mean, it looks like that in the past posts of yours.

  7. Thanks for taking me with you. Beautiful photos.

  8. Thank you for this interesting journey. Please have you all a good Friday.

  9. The altar! So much detail! Amazing! Thank you for posting. :)
    I love all the German words on your blog...I'm learning German right now. :)

  10. What an interesting place to tour. The church is beautiful...the donuts look yummy.

  11. in the world there are thousands of beautiful old churches.
    It's hard to architects today build beautiful churches like the old.

    I love cookies! hehehe
    It is tasty??

    hugs and kisses

  12. Thanks, everyone, for sharing your insights and comments :)

  13. Beautiful church. I've never seen one like that. Great shots!