Plant Rescue

I love the crispness of autumn. But sadly, I am observing it on my bonsai.


My bonsai joins in welcoming the Fall season. Literally. The leaves are becoming crisp and are falling one by one after turning yellow and brown. I followed the instructions on its proper care and maintenance. Even consulted numerous websites about what to do to save its life, did what is on the bonsai seasonal guide, and everything that I can. No improvement. No green thumb here.

My browning bonsai that used to be so green
Leaves turning yellow and brown
Leaves get brittle and eventually fall

The only plant I have successfully grown is a mung bean which I planted in a small plastic margarine container. A plant that can grow anywhere, even on top of a wet tissue paper. This one and only vegetation of mine died after it produced a single pod. I was so proud and I was around 10 or 11 at that time.

I admire all of you who post photos of your own fruit trees, flowering plants, and the whole or patch of your garden. For me, all of you are blessed with superior plant-handling skills. I would appreciate any suggestion or advice to improve my botanical endeavors.


  1. I miss making bonsai ;^; looks sooo cute!!

  2. I feel your pain, I seem to be unable to take proper care of the (easiest) Cactus! :(

  3. Poor bonsai! My favorites are cactuses, they are always green :)

  4. I know nothing of bonsai trees.
    Very unfortunate that it fails Lea .
    Maybe but another plant?
    I have an orchid, water once a week and this plant does well.
    Have a nice weekend.

  5. I know of Bonsai trees Lea but have never had one,
    I do however have other indoor plants which I enjoy.


  6. Hi Lea, my plants usually survive through neglect. Sad about your Bonsai, I have heard that they're not easy to maintain. I couldn't make out what sort of Bonsai tree it was and you didn't say how long you'd had it... wondered if perhaps it naturally turned when autumn came along?

  7. Bonsai are difficult to grow on a good day, they need mild outdoor conditions. I like growing moss in a terrarium, much easier!!!

  8. If it were summer you could put it outside and it may have come back. I have a bonsai that turns yellow every year and as soon as I put it outside, it comes back. Is it still warm where you are? Do you place it in the sink to water it? You are not supposed to water from the top. You fill the sink and let the water come up over the soil and let it soak for awhile.

  9. I think Bonsai trees are hard to grow. I do not have one and won't since I know it will die on me. I am having trouble with my African Violets, for the first time and I am sure it is the soil I used to transplant one big plant into 3. I had to use "used soil" which I thought I had cleaned it up and sterilized it by baking it in the oven like the book said. I only have one blooming. Spunky says hi to Mateo.

  10. I LOVE bonsai trees but have never bought one. I kill every other houseplant so I know I would kill that too and for some reason I just can't face that.

  11. do the leaves fall because it's autumn? I know nothing about plants but I hope your bonsai will grow green and better soon! :) hope any of the advices above me could help you!

  12. Thank you so much, everyone!