My First Attempt to Paint Using TV as a Canvass

I love to draw, sketch, and paint.


Sketching and even painting have their own share of technological advances, far from the ordinary drawing materials we used in school. From Etch A Sketch to the latest stylus and digital drawing tablets, they all post a common challenge: creating an artwork.

To make the challenge even more challenging, I downloaded the free Sketchbook Copic Edition app and used the TV as my canvass.

Materials used aside from TV were:

Sketchbook Copic Edition app I downloaded to provide the
 "blank sheet" and color palettes

Our Mac mini for the app and TV connection

A wireless mouse, which served as my paintbrush

The results:

A snapshot of what I did. Looks very simple but it took me more than half an hour to create this. I didn't even think of
finishing the background anymore because my hand was shaking tired already.

The + at the center is the tip of my paintbrush

Didn't finish the mountains

I finished the stream

Didn't finish the tree

Other major outcomes are a very tired and numb right wrist, an achy upper back, and strained eyes. I advice the use of a stylus instead. Or should I say, I prefer the conventional pencil, paper, and paint. My first TV painting, though unifinished, was saved as a remembrance of this carpal challenge.

Thank you so much for bearing with me on my latest art endeavor. I’ll never do it again.


  1. I'm impressed. You did exceedingly well and it couldn't have been easy. I've tried making adjustments to photographs using the mouse and gave it up as a bad job. So, you're an artist. That's great. I hope you can show us some of your work.

  2. You should try again. You'll get used to it the more you use it. And wow! There's no way I could do that at all let alone in half an hour. Enjoy your talent!

  3. Cool! But like you, I prefer the conventional way to digital art. Good try though!

  4. How interesting! I've got an iPad and saw something about a drawing application. But I didn't download it as I can barely hold a pencil and to try to maneuver a mouse satisfactorily would be impossible. Actually, I think you did very well and should be proud. But I understand your resolve not to expose yourself to that kind of artistic toil!

  5. Pretty impressive just the same. Yeah, I agree with others, you should show us some of your art work.

  6. Sometimes I also paint with a computer. It is hard to do with a mouse, it is more easier with a graphics tablet, like Wacom Bamboo.
    Your painting is really nice!

  7. That was so cool, Lea. I said you were smart and talented when we first started commenting and you have proven me right. I would have never, ever, have attempted that. Really great.

  8. Very impressive - especially the color and shadow on the stream. It is much easier to draw with a graphics tablet/stylus.

  9. haha but I think you did good over there! if you change your mind and want to try again, few practices, maybe will lead to a masterpiece :D

  10. Obrigado pela visita
    Desenhar é uma arte que nasce com os artistas mas também podemos estudar as novas técnicas.
    Gostava de desenhar e principalmente pintar. Tantas coisas que se pudéssemos fazer tornariam este mundo ainda melhor e mais belo.

  11. thats great!! you are very good!!

  12. NOOO! You started off well enough, do more.
    But you should get yourself a tablet with stylus. You can get really cheap & big ones from a brand named "Aiptek". I have one & the same for years, and it served me well! :)

    I like that unfinished tree in the last image most. You should copy the layer & try to enhance it!

  13. I am really impressed. I really did not expect that such beautiful images can "conjure up" the apparently not appreciated "paint"

    I greet and welcome

  14. Interesting. You did a beautiful job, but I get how you feel. Somethings are more worth all the effort than others. I think if you can create art on a TV, then you must be pretty talented and determined! At least we know it can be done!

  15. Actually, it's not bad at all! I'm absolutely no good with the stylus. Give me paper and pencil (or crayons -- LOL) any day! :)