Castelvecchio or "Old Castle" in Verona, Italy

Castelvecchio or "Old Castle" is one of the first landmarks we saw on our first visit to Verona. It was the most important military construction during the rule of the Scaligers. It was once surrounded by a ditch which is now dry. The waters that once filled the ditch came from the nearby Adige River, the second longest liver in Italy (next to Po River). Lord Cangrande II della Scala had the castle built along with the bridge which allowed escape during any event of rebellion or coup d' etat.

The castle is home to the Castelvecchio Museum which holds a collection of paintings, sculpture, statues, and ancient weapons among many others. Between 1959 and 1973, the look of the repository was enhanced through the restoration efforts of the architect Carlo Scarpa, whose style is very evident in the details of fixtures and furnishings of the museum.

Below are photos of the castle's inside viewed from the museum's entrance:

A majestic view of the bridge:

Castelvecchio Bridge (Ponte di Castelvecchio a. k. a. Scaliger Bridge).  It's arch was the world's
largest (48.7 m) at the time of its construction

The castle is open to public except for the Museum which requires an admission fee of 6 Euros. People can freely cross the 120-meter bridge and enjoy the view of the Adige River as well.

The narrow passage that leads to Castelvecchio Bridge

People are free to cross the Castelvecchio Bridge. Many just sit on the areas beside the pathway; resting,
chatting, and taking pictures.  The bridge, which a long time ago witnessed terror, is now enjoying the
company of people who appreciate its beauty and function in a different way.

The Adige River as seen from one of the bridge's "windows"

The other end of the bridge. Here you can see the back of the castle

An aerial view of Castelvecchio and its bridge adorns the Castelvecchio Museum's admission ticket (6 Euros).
(Note: Bags should be left in the lockers provided. Flash is not allowed when taking photos.)

The equestrian statue of Cangrande I della Scala which came from the complex of the Arche Scaligere or Scaliger Tombs.

Below are some stuffs you can see inside the Castelvecchio Museum:

Souvenirs and books can be bought beside the ticketing area.


  1. You never cease to amaze me with you beautiful images!

    I very much adore that Castelvecchio Bridge! :)

  2. ¡¡¡Hola Lea!!!
    Me encantan los Castillos y en España me conozco casi todos.
    Es una preciosidad este de Castelvecchio en Verona.
    Su museo es impresionante y su entorno de una belleza inigualable.
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    Un abrazo.

  3. Fabulous tour ... Also I would have gone to such .... :) Cudny this picture

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  4. Castelvecchio ... thank you, we really should have made the effort to visit Verona. I really liked the third picture, the bridge, the lighting, the water... lovely composition.

  5. I see you traveled across all Italy! Verona is also a nice place, I like the photos!

  6. ¡beautiful Lea! Hermosos castillos e interesantes. Muchos saludos!!

  7. Beautiful pictures of Verona, Italy is a beautiful country, well photographed.
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  9. I went to Verona, but I'm sorry to not see here. It looks amazing place!

  10. Dear Lea's nice to see that my beautiful country through your eyes!
    From ice cream to the Tower of Pisa ... nothing is missing!
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