Juliet's Balcony: Casa di Giulietta, Verona, Italy

Whether or not they believe that the building is the house of the Capulet Family, tourists crowd the compound where you can see the balcony of Romeo and Juliet. The house is located at No. 23 Via Capello Street, the street named as it once belonged to the Capello family. People then began associating the name "Capello" with "Capuleti" or "Capulet" and the rest is history. The marble balcony is actually situated in a restored 13th century inn.

For those who wanted to pay a visit, note that the attraction is closed on Mondays. Visiting hours: 8am - 7pm.

Starting from the gate, the walls are marked with love notes written by tourists from all over the world. That makes the entrance colorful and even more crowded because of the couples trying to leave a mark on it. Don't worry about not having an adhesive to stick your note with... the chewing gums stuck all over the wall will do the trick (nasty but it works).

The entrance to Juliet's courtyard

Notes of love painted the walls leading to the courtyard

My husband and I also made our own note to mark our visit.

Engraved below the balcony is an excerpt from Act II, Scene II of Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet"
It is best if your camera has a good shutter speed if you want to take a picture of an "empty" balcony. Ladies take turns posing at the balcony so their partners can take a photo of them from below. This can actually save couples half the price of the admission fee since only one goes up and the partner stays down outside to take photos.

Juliet's balcony

It is believed that touching the breast of Juliet's statue brings good luck.

Another belief is securing your love by fastening a padlock on the grills of a gate inside the courtyard. The same can be observed on the grills of some bridges in Venice, and many other tourist spots world wide.

The gate where couples lock their love

These colorful padlocks will remain locked and couples wish the same for their love

A souvenir store inside the courtyard

Opposite Juliet's balcony is Il Sogno di Giulietta ("Juliet's Dream"), a hotel where people can stay if they want to experience the night inside the compound.

Il Sogno di Giulietta


  1. Romeo, Romeo, wherefore are thou? Oh my, Shakespeare knew what he was doing when he wrote the story of Romeo and Juliet. How wonderful it would be to visit that place. So romantic.

  2. Great pictures, nice also to the history to read Romeo and Juliet.
    I find the picture of the balcony is really beautiful.
    Have a nice Sunday.

  3. Did you meet Romeo and Juliet too? :)
    Nice photos, it is a very interesting and romantic place!
    Have a nice Sunday!

  4. Thank you for the tour in Romeo and Juliets world :)

  5. How cool that is. Great pictures. DD suggested I write about the beginning when we got Spunky, so I did. You were asking about his age. That entry is longer than others. I was not sure that she was tired of my long entries or just more interested in Spunky. I make my print bigger because some people can not read small print. Better get busy. Bean soup was good.

  6. Lovely, so romantic and charming.
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  8. Wow what a great place to visit. Thanks so much for showing us :)

  9. I toured Italy on a one month trip way back in the late 70's. Now I'm sorry to say we missed Verona.

  10. Thank you so much, everyone! :)

    Jill, don't worry you can go back and visit Verona. I will blog as much as I can about the place.

  11. Nossa que lugar maravilhoso, me deu vontade ir ver também...
    seu blog é muito legal e estou te seguindo.

  12. Gracia amiga Lea por compartir éste relato y, especialmente las imágenes. Me ha gustado sobre todo ver el balcón de Julieta y me ha encantado la toma de los candados de los enamorados. Muchos saludos desde Argentina!!!!

  13. I was there! beautiful place
    and I also have photo with Juliet's statue :)

  14. SEJA BEM VINDA MINHA AMIGA ,TENHA UMA ÓTIMA SEMANA.http://crismandarini.blogspot.com.br/

  15. sooo beautiful!!! *-* I will go there someday!! :D I wish!~ XD

  16. Me has hecho recordar unos agradables dias de vacaciones. Buena serie de imagenes.

  17. Uma lenda que tem feito sucesso ao longo da história.
    Parece-me que esta visita faz parte de um roteiro turistico e se isso ajudar a manter o casal unido tanto melhor para todos.

  18. I was there during my honeymoon trip to Europe 11 years ago...

  19. I like very much the notes of love painted the walls and the colorful padlocks love.

  20. This almsot sound like a modern Myth. :)

    And about the padlocks(or a few times other sorts of locks), they have something similar on a bridge in Cologne, Germany. People even from Canada & China come here to lock their love on that bridge. :D

  21. Very interesting post - must add this place to my places-to-visit bucket list. Favorite photo was Juliet's balcony.

  22. Hi Lea!
    interesting pictures!
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    Very cool! And the pictures were fantastic.
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  24. I loved that you got to see Juliette's balcony! How FUN!! :)

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  26. Lea - Beautiful pictures and commentary - thank you for the tour!

  27. You give the best descriptions of so many wonderful places. I love hearing the details and the stories!

  28. This Italy trip looks like a whole lot of fun. I love your photos. And thanks again for my blog comments.

  29. What a keen eye you have for taking pictures. I am enjoying my visit peeking around your blog. I wanted to thank you for stopping by my place & commenting. I have been fighting with recovery from a radical surgery in January & just returned from a long awaited, much needed vacation to meet for the 1st time & celebrate our newest grandsons 1st birthday. Now I am resting up from that & trying to catch up! :-) I pst pictures too, but none that match your quality.