The Field of Miracles – Cathedral Square in Pisa, Italy

The Field of Miracles or Piazza dei Miracoli (a.k.a. Pisa’s Cathedral Square or Piazza del Duomo) houses the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa together with 3 other monuments: the Pisa Cathedral (Il Duomo di Pisa), the Baptistry, and the Monumental Cemetery (Camposanto).
It was raining when we arrived at Pisa but fortunately, the drizzle stopped when we were already near the Cathedral Square.

View of the monuments inside the Field of Miracles (Cathedral Square) from the entrance gate.
In order from front to back: the Baptistry, the Cathedral, and the leaning Tower of Pisa

The Baptistry of St. John (Battistero di San Giovanni), which was also
constructed on the same unstable soil as the leaning tower, leans
0.6 degrees towards the Cathedral.

Museo delle Sinopie behind the chain of souvenir stores

Inside the Field of Miracles is a museum housing the preparatory sketches for the lost Camposanto frescoes. Hidden behind the souvenir stalls, Museo delle Sinopie serves as the keeper of the drawings which were laid down by the medieval maestros themselves for them to follow as they painstakingly plastered over small portions of the sketch to paint a certain portion of a final fresco. I appreciated these drawings more when I learned about how frescoes are made.
Fresco 101:
The artist lays down rough plaster where he makes a sketch. Section by section, he applies smooth plaster that will hold the fresco, painting on it while it’s still wet (or fresh, or fresco in Italian). This helps the color stick to the surface. An artist can only lay down as much plaster as he can hope to finish in one day. Each section is hence referred to as giornatta meaning “daily.” A giornatta’s size can vary greatly, depending on what will be painted. For example, when painting a simple background, the frescoist can whip out a fairly large section at once. But if working on a detail, let’s say a small face, it might represent the entire giornatta’s work.

Admission tickets for the all the monuments in Cathedral Square are available at Museo delle Sinopie.

Entrance to the Duomo is € 2 and is free during winter.
We drove to Pisa before heading home from a trip to Florence; but if you are planning to take the plane/bus/train/cab, this might help:
From the Pisa international airport Galileo Galilee, you can (1) take a bus which runs 4x a day. Rate is € 0.95, (2) take the train which runs 2x a day, rate is € 1.10, or (3) take a cab/taxi, rate is  € 6 to € 8.
There is a parking area walking distance from the Field of Miracles in case you’re driving.
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  1. What a fantastic place to visit. All that shifting soil reminds me a bit of a certain parable told by a certain teacher about the dangers of building on sand! :-)

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    Looks like you had a great time.

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    little K.

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    As fotos estão perfeitas e os monumentos são históricos.

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