Thursday, April 3, 2014

Baraonda Ristorante Brasiliano

Address: Via Francesco Agello, Desenzano del Garda, Italy
Phone: +39 030 990 1199

Baraonda is a Brazilian restaurant located at a building on Lake Garda's edge, giving you a bonus panoramic view of the famous tourist attraction.

The restaurant offers an all you can eat buffet for a set price. You get the vegetables, salads, pasta, potatoes, and fruits at the buffet table. Meat is served to you at your own table. Flavorful meat dishes are brought to you freshly cooked, and you have the choice to take a slice or not.

Baraonda Menu

Meat is served freshly cooked at your table. Delicious.

We had a good dining experience overall, though we were not able to eat that much because of the limited selection of food at the buffet area. And since we were "not that hungry" when we went there for dinner, we only had enough.

If you want to make sure you are given a seat by the glass window overlooking the lake, make a reservation ahead of time.

133 Sushi Club

This is a fancy sushi place. Food is great, place is awesome and creatively designed. Food is much expensive here but believe me, it's worth it. They serve sushi, rolls, tempura, some desserts, and other servings of unique dishes not found in other nearby sushi restaurants.

Events and parties are held in 133 Sushi Club. Their space is not that big but can accommodate enough diners in smartly arranged tables. This sushi bar is also an eye candy for art lovers because of its design. And I'm not talking regular paintings here. Items you won't expect to see in a sushi place are elegantly displayed to complement the black, white, and red motif.

Address:  via G. Marconi, 133 25015 Desenzano del Garda Brescia, Italy
Phone: +39 030 531 0377

We keep coming back to 133 Sushi and we always get the best quality of food. Even the tempura, a must try, is not oily. And believe it or not, my husband's favorite tiramisu is not from an Italian restaurant. It's 133 Sushi's Green Tea Tiramisu.

Green Tea Tiramisu

Ristorante Orientale Il Dragone Srl - China Grill

China Grill is our favorite Chinese restaurant in Italy. The owners are very friendly as well.  They serve a variety of Asian food including Vietnamese, Thai, and Japanese.

If you want your order "to go", you can call ahead, place your order, and they will get your food ready so you won't have to wait too long when you go pick it up.

Address:   Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, 25086 Rezzato Brescia, Italy
Phone:    +39 030 259 1975

China Grill facade


All their dishes are very good. Personal favorites are Cantonese fried rice, their sushi and rolls, and of course my staple... prawn dumplings.

China Grill is open lunch time until 2:00 pm, and dinner starting 6:00 pm.

Maki from China Grill for dinner at home

Sushi + maki set

One of my husband's favorite rolls

The best prawn dumplings I've ever tasted, seriously.


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